Employing migrant workers


Supporting your workers

Tailored interactive guidance on employment rights
A website for workers or employers interested in knowing how the national minimum wage law works and other aspects of employment law - http://www.tiger.gov.uk

Employment rights

The Department for Trade and Industry Site provides information about employment rights.


Some migrant workers may need information related to their employment or the workplace to be translated. For example, some construction organisations translate health and safety signs so that they can be sure that all employees fully understand the regulations. There are numerous national and local organisations that will offer translation services.

Advice and support for migrant workers

The Citizens Advice Bureau offers support and advice on money, legal and other issues.
The Immigration Advisory Service is a non-governmental organisation providing up to date information service on all aspects of migration.
Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion has guides to rights in and out of employment for all working age migrants.
Asylum Support has an extensive list of websites on asylum, migration, refugees and equality issues.
The Refugee Legal Centre provides a free advice and representation agency for refugees.


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