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Anglo-Polish is one of the UK's fastest growing recruitment businesses supplying temporary and permanent Polish workers across a range of sectors. From Construction, Demolition and Asbestos Removal to Grounds Maintenance and Shipping. Wherever there is a need for highly motivated and efficient employees Anglo-Polish can help.

Anglo-Polish provides a complete Worker Support Programme for each Polish worker from arrival in the UK onwards.

All our temporary workers can be provided with accommodation, transport and ongoing welfare support. This ensures that the workers focus is solely on their work for our clients. The results are workers who are highly committed and productive which means that they are also cost effective.


There is an acute skills shortage in the construction industry. This has been well documented in the CITB's annual 'Skill Needs Survey' which highlights that nearly 70% of employers find difficulty in recruiting. According to the CITB, the house-building sector alone needs to recruit at least 76,000 people each year just to keep up with consumer demand.

Polish tradesmen have a good reputation for being highly skilled and committed.

Following Poland's accession to the EU in May '04, Polish citizens have been able to work in the UK subject to a registration requirement.

Business Case / Driver for Employing Migrant Workers

Anglo-Polish was set up to match the Polish workers' skills with the UK's construction industry's skills shortage. Additionally, we have become a major supplier in the asbestos labour supply market meeting the need for committed, hard-working, well trained and equipped asbestos removal operatives.

Polish workers have a reputation for being highly skilled and motivated. They come to the UK solely to work and so they are highly productive. They are flexible and usually offer multiple skill sets.

Anglo-Polish has been able to leverage this opportunity as leading experts in supplying and managing Polish labour to the UK.

Values and Approach to Employment Policy

Anglo-Polish is committed to supplying only the most highly skilled workers. This is achieved through a combination of a rigorous selection process and a high level of support throughout their contract period in the UK. This holistic approach ensures that Anglo-Polish is able to attract the best candidates and provides reassurance for our customers that they will receive skilled, committed and reliable workers.

For the asbestos industry, Anglo-Polish carefully select English speaking Polish workers with the right skills and qualities to make good operatives and then provide and fund all training and equipment.

On average only 1 in 20 applicants get offered a job. Not only do they need a reasonable level of English, they also require construction experience, be multi-skilled, team players with good communication skills.

Setting the Standard for Selection:

Our systems are designed so that we become a model for best practice within construction sector recruitment. As a result we are able to attract the most skilled workers and become synonymous with quality and reliability for our customers.

To support this aim, our selection progress is extensive and rigorous.

Once in the UK, our support for our workers goes well beyond the scope of most recruitment agencies. We provide workers with accommodation, arrange transport to work, manages their applications for the 'Worker Registration Scheme' with the Home Office and National Insurance Number with the Inland Revenue, as well as their payment of tax and national insurance.

To ensure all of our workers are well prepared to work on a UK construction site we put them through the CITB's Health & Safety Test and apply for their CSCS cards.

We support our workers with a Health and Safety Manager as well as Polish speaking Welfare Officers to help with practical needs which are daunting to people who often have never travelled outside Poland. These challenges range from how to get a television license to opening a bank account.

In this way, Anglo-Polish Clients are able to unlock the potential of productive, cost efficient Polish workforce to suit their business requirements.

Anglo-Polish Client recommendations:

'Anglo-Polish currently supply us with a team of workers. We have been impressed with their commitment, hard work, reliability and productivity as well as the management service Anglo-Polish provide. Anglo-Polish take the 'pain' out of hiring labour from Poland and are our first port of call for Polish Labour requirements.'
Andy King, Contracts Manager, Able UK Ltd.

'Anglo-Polish's approach to recruitment has been highly successful for us. We operate in a specialist area and we were having difficulty recruiting in the UK on-board marine survey personnel. Anglo-Polish sourced a range of CVs against our detailed specification and arranged a series of interviews for us to undertake in Poland. The process has worked very well and we are taking candidates on an ongoing basis. Anglo-Polish have proved to be highly responsive to our requirements, professional and pro-active. We now regularly source personnel through Anglo-Polish who have become an integral part of our ongoing recruitment process.'
Dane Lambert, Senior Personnel Officer, Gardline Marine Sciences Ltd.

Food for thought

David Price (Managing Director):
'We believe that part of the solution to the UK construction industry skills gap is the recruitment of highly skilled Polish workers. We have the procedures in place to become a model for recruitment in the construction sector. What we need from the UK Government and it's agencies is help in standardising testing and certification throughout the EU, in particular making the CITB's testing and qualifications available in Poland.'

Dominika Wieczorek (Recruitment Manager):
'The Anglo-Polish selection process is extremely rigorous. We want the best workers and we know how to find them. We also look after all our workers very well. This benefits both our workers and our clients. By helping our workers to take care of most of their potential worries outside work they are more contented and can focus solely on their work for our clients'

Tina Cranfield (Health & Safety Manager):
'We ensure that all our workers are well trained and have a high level of health and safety awareness'

Contact details

David Price, Managing Director, Anglo-Polish
Tel: 0208 544 8005
Email: david@anglo-polish.com
Website: www.anglo-polish.com


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