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Private Sector

Organisation profile

Initial Integrated Services is part of Rentokil Initial UK Cleaning and Facility Services which, in turn, is part of Rentokil Initial plc - one of the world's largest providers of business support services.

Initial Integrated Services is dedicated to the provision of cleaning and ancillary services to large sites within the UK. It seeks to establish true partnerships with its customers, operating on a basis of mutual trust and understanding, with shared goals and objectives.

Success, commercial or otherwise, is measured, therefore, on the ability of the partnership to deliver significantly enhanced performances, consistently.

Values and Approach to employment policy

Rentokil Initial firmly believes that its employees represent its greatest asset. As such, it goes to great lengths to recruit the very best people and feels fully justified in claiming that:

'Whatever the environment ... our people make the difference'

Rentokil Initial also invests heavily in effective training, to ensure that its management and cleaning staff are familiar with the latest equipment, operate 'best practice' techniques, utilising day time cleaning opportunities and implement safe working procedures.

The company sees this as fundamental to the success of any cleaning contract. Its commitment to training embraces:
  • National Training Awards
  • National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs)
  • BICS's
  • Customer Service
  • Health & Safety

Business reason for employing non-UK nationals

Migrant workers have for many years been employed in the cleaning and contract services industry to fill the gaps where there is an insufficient supply of UK workers.

Models and Process

Initial Integrated Services has a well established 'Prevention of Illegal Working Policy' which sets out clear processes for dealing with any potential employee who does not have a permanent national insurance number. The operations teams based in client companies work in partnership with the Payroll Department to ensure that no successful applicant is discriminated against due to red tape or confusion about the documents needed to work.

The policy is published as part of its 'Guide to Managing People' provided as support for all its Managers. It takes managers through the Home Office requirements for ensuring legal working including:
  • Avoiding discrimination
  • National Insurance numbers
  • Document checks
  • Recording checks
  • Employing nationals from the EEA

Employee support

Initial Integrated Services continue to maintain and enhance their support mechanisms to support non - UK workers
  • Enhancing numeracy and literacy skills through partnership with the learning and skills council
  • Full range of internal training to ensure skills and qualifications are gained by all employees
  • The translation of H & S documents into over 10 different languages
  • Identified and nominated 'champions' on sites to assist in communication channelling and translations


Lessons can always be learned, hints and good practice can always be shared
  • Follow the process you have in place for consistency and reassurance
  • Document your policy and ensure it is fully cascaded to front line users in as many formats as possible

Contact details

Website: www.initial.com

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