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Service Delivery Agreement 2001-2004

To work with individuals and communities to build a safe, just and tolerant society enhancing opportunities for all and in which rights and responsibilities go hand in hand, and the protection and security of the public is maintained and enhanced.

To support and mobilise communities so that, through active citizenship, they are able to shape policy and improvement for their locality, overcome nuisance, anti-social behaviour, maintain and enhance social cohesion and enjoy their homes and public spaces peacefully.

To deliver the Department's policies and responsibilities fairly, effectively and efficiently through the most up-to-date project and day-to-day management, the best use of resources and the development of partnership working.
  1. Accountability

    The Secretary of State for the Home Department is responsible for the delivery of this agreement. The agreement sets out the key objectives for the Home Office over the period 2001/2004 which will deliver the outcomes contained in the Home Office Public Service Agreement (PSA), Criminal Justice System PSA and our contribution to other PSAs.

    Promoting race equality in public services is a key priority for the Government. The Home Secretary is committed to making equality, particularly race equality for which the Home Office has lead responsibility in the Government, a core issue in mainstream programmes and in all of the services delivered by the Home Office and its agencies. In this SDA we have identified areas where there is a clear race equality dimension.

    To read the sections of the SDA, with links to other relevant documents, click on the desired heading below:
  2. Delivering Key Results - how the Home Office will deliver its PSA targets and other untargeted Objectives.
  3. Improving Performance - the internal reforms the Home Office is running to sharpen its focus on raising all performance to the level of the best, improve value for money and procurement practice, and tackle fraud.
  4. Consumer Focus - the ways in which the Home Office will increase its understanding of consumer views, and the accessibility of its services to them.
  5. Managing People - how the Home Office will take advantage of the impetus of the Civil Service Reform agenda to motivate and modernise its workforce.
  6. Electronic Government - how the Home Office is making its services available online.
  7. Policy and Strategy - better policy-making, research and analysis were a strong theme of the Modernising Government White Paper.
If you would like to print the document, we recommend downloading the PDF version:
Service Delivery Agreement for the Home Office (file size 746kb)

In order to look at the Treasury's Summary of the SDA's, or link to another department's document, click here. The delivery programmes outlined in the SDA are linked to the efficient use of assets, which will be detailed in the Departmental Investment Strategy, which will be published shortly.

For further information, or to ask any questions, e-mail the Home Office Public Enquiry Team.
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