Employing migrant workers


Why employ migrant workers

What migrant workers can offer

Most organisations employing migrant workers do so for clear business reasons, including:

  • Skills and /or labour shortages: when UK organisations are unable to recruit the labour or skills they need from within the UK;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: when organisations want to recognise the importance of ethical operational policies and practices to the success of their business:
  • Equality and Diversity : when organisations recognise the importance of diversity to their customers and to their employees: or
  • Mobility of staff (in global organisations): to ensure the development of both the organisation and the careers and skills of its individuals.

The Government's selective admission policy for migrant workers addresses skills shortages and boosts the UK economy overall. To make the most of the benefits that non-UK nationals can bring, employers need to understand how to comply with relevant legislation as well as understanding how to recruit and retain migrant workers.

The case studies here show how employing migrant workers benefits many organisations.


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