Employing migrant workers

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    Obtain your candidate's original documents

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    Check the

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    Save copies of the documents

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    Register with The Worker Registration Scheme, if required


Are you employing people legally?

Legal migrants from around the world make a substantial contribution to our society, both in terms of wealth creation and in the delivery of frontline public services. They also help to fill vital skill shortages and boost the UK economy.

If you employ, or plan to employ, people from outside the UK, you need to make sure that they have permission to work here before they start working for you.

This site provides help and information for employers to make the necessary checks on potential staff.

The step-by-step guide

The legal compliance guide will take you through all the steps you need to complete to ensure that a person is legally allowed to work in the UK. Remember, if that individual isn't permitted to work here, you are breaking the law and may be prosecuted if you employ them. The Government is taking steps to introduce a civil penalties scheme, where employers could face a fine for each illegal migrant worker found.

Start using the step-by-step guide

Statutory defence

Once you have completed your checks using the compliance tool, you can then use this as a statutory defence against prosecution in the event that you have unknowingly employed someone illegally.

However, you should also read all detailed information regarding the statutory defence carefully to ensure that you are taking the right steps.

Note - This site is intended for employers. If you are a foreign national you'll find more information on the working in the UK website, or UK Visas.


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